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The most popular excursion from Salou is the excursion to the City of Barcelona. Since Barcelona is only little bit more than an hour away from Salou a lot of people take the opportunity to visit the city. The roundtrip Barcelona shows you the hotspots of the city and gives you enough free time to do some shopping or have a drink on the famous Rambla. As soon as you get in to Barcelona you make a stop at the second largest footbal stadion of the world "Camp Nou" the stadion of FC Barcelona. You have the option to visit the stadion and see all the cups. Of course there is the possibility to get your picture taken with some of the most famous players from FC BArcelona. After a little bit of shopping in the FC Barcelona shop the journey continues to the mountain of "Montjuic" and the Olympic Stadion. From this mountain you have a beautifull view over the City of Barcelona. From there you will be brought to the Plaza Cataluña which is the big square in the center of Barcelona. At this square starts the famous "Rambla" which leeds you all the way to the harbour of Barcelona. In this area you find several restaurants and of course all the shops. After the stop you continue through the city center where you will find a lot af buildings build by Antony Gaudi. A stop will be made at his most famous building the "Sagrada Familia" which is a Cathedral. Parque Güell is the next stop and in this park you will see much more from the master of construcion Antony Gaudi.

Of course there are several excursions to Barcelona. If you choose to take the one with the fountains ( which is in the evening ) the program might be a little divered. The same counts for Barcelona Zoo. There are also excursions which will just bring you to Barcelona and give you the opportunity to explore Barcelona on your own.


Montserrat is a mountain some 80 kilometers from Salou and it is famous for two rasons:
1. The mountain was formed due to erupcion and it is the only mountain in an further plane countrysite.
2. On top of the mountain is a Monastery with a community of 80 monks who live according to the rule of Saint Bennedict.
In the Monastery you´ll find the sculpture of The Lady of Montserrat, popularly known as La Moreneta or The Black Modanna. This is because her skin and the child are black. The sculpture is a beautiful 12th-century Romanesque polychrome carving showing the lady holding her baby Jesus who gives his blessings while the mother holds the globe in her right hand. If you go to Montserrat you have to touch the statue and if you are a men, you will have a year of prosperity. If you are a woman and you touch the statue you will be pregnant within a year. Of course this is just a story but a lot of spanish young couples make a trip to Montserrat just after they have been married.

Montserrat is the home of one of the oldest boys choir of Europe. The excistance of the boys music school goes as far back as the 14th century. Nowadays the choir is very famous and the boys travel all over the world to perform. During the week a small group of the choir will perform in the monastry at 1 pm ( monday to friday ). So make sure that you are in the Monastry at 1 pm on the day you visit Montserrat.

If you want to find out more possibilities to make an excursion check out this page, Costa Dorada Infomagazine where you will find more information about all the things you can do in the Costa Dorada including some very nice car trips. The latest news about salou can be found at the page Spanje Vandaag.

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