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More about the Salou area

Of course there is a lot more to see in the Salou area. For instance at about 10 kilometer from Salou you´ll find the city of Cambrils wich is famous for the fresh fish which is brought in daily by the fisherman. The fish is sold to the Cambrils restaurants so you can imagine where you have to be for the best fishmeal. Wednesday is the local market of Cambrils where you find all the fresh fruits and the special spanish herbs. You can get to Cambrils by bus which leaves Salou every 30 minuts. Look at our page Public Transport to find out how to get cheap bustickets.

If you want to go to Cambrils in a more adventures way, than take the boat from the harbour of Salou. From the water the view at Salou and Cambrils is slightly different than with a busride. And on the boat you can enjoy the sun but make sure you bring some sunscreen. Have a look at Creuers Costa Dorarda to find the different possibilities to enjoy one of the wonderful boattrips.


The provence of Tarragona is 6.303 square kilometer and has 805.789 occupans (idescat 2010). It is divided in 10 sub regions: Baix Camp, Baix Ebre, Baix Penedès, Baix Tarragonès, l´Alt Camp, Conca del Barberà, Priorat, Ribera d´Ebre and Terra Alta. Because of it´s climate the area is well known for the hazenuts, almonds, olives and wine. Some of the most famous wine brands are: Priorat, Taragones

The capital of the provence of Tarragona is the city of Tarragona, which is only 8 kilometers from Salou. If you love the Roman history you sure will love Tarragona because it used to be the largest Roman city out site Rome. Luckely a lot of the old buildings where saved during the years for instance the Amphitheater of Tarraco, the Roman Circus, the city walls and ofcourse the famous Devils bridge, El Puente del Diablo, which used to be an aqueduct. Some of these monuments are so unique that they are on the worlds heritage list. Very well known of course is La cathedral de Santa Maria or the Santa Maria Cathedral which is the start of one of the famous pelgrimage to Santiago de Compostela . As soon as you enter the city of Tarragona you see the lage square "Placa Imperial de Tarraco" whith its very nice fountain in the middle. One of the seven streets leading to this square is the famous "Rambla Nova". As you walk up the Rambla Nova you will notice the variety of styles in the houses on the Rambla Nova. Most of them are in the style of modernism but you see that the buildings which date more recently are allmost a copy of this beatiful style. The almost two kilometers long Rambla Nova ends at the "Balcó del Mediterrani" from which you have a wonderfull look at the medeterranean sea and the harbour of Tarragona.

But next to the beautilful buildings the Rambla is of course the place to be to start your shopping! Or just have a seat on one of the teraces to enjoy the view of all the people walking on the Rambla. At the end of the Rambla you´ll see the Tarragona harbour on your righthand site en if you turn left you´ll walk right into the Amphitheater. A little bit further you´ll find the Roman Circus "Circo" where the Romans used to have their famous horseraces. From here you´ll walk into the old town with it´s famous narrow streets and the "Placa de la Font" which is a square whit only bars and restaurants. On the Placa de la Font you will also find Tarragona´s City Hall.

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