Holiday in Salou
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Nightlife in Salou

Next to the beach, Salou is well known for its nightlife. Starting with the beautifull terraces at the beach. You can sit there to have a drink during the day but as soon as the sun sets this area changes into a "cocktail zone". All the bars serve their housemade cocktails in a very spectacular way. Some of the most famous bar/restaurants are: Caffe di Mare, Lasal, Bamboo, La Barca. For a nice chill on the beach you can go to the Playa Ponent beach ( which is the beach between the harbour of Salou and Cambrils ) were some of the bars on the beach get out the torches and the lazy chears. With some relaxing music and a special cocktail you will feel like the king of the beach. Just an other way to enjoy Salou´s beach.

Of course there is a large variety of english/irish/scotish bars in Salou. It depends on what you are looking for but for instance you can sing at the karaoke at Jimmy´s, The Victoria Pub or Bar Lovento. There are bars with special live entertainment; The House of Illusion or Robin Hood. Looking for a nice not to large bar? Check out The Butler, Rovers Return, Patricks, Double Scotsh, The Shamrock. Larger bars are The Red Lion, 007, Charlie Chaplins, Christy´s, Sinatra´s. Just to give you an idea from all the possibilities there are to have a good time in Salou.

And for those people who like to go on all night there are several clubs in Salou. Like Ski Hut, Underground, Snoepy´s, 7theaven, Enjoy, Tropical, Two Much, Blue Bahia, Flashback. And if you are in Salou in the month July or August you can go to the hugh disco Pascha which is in La Pineda ( some 4 kilometers outsite Salou ). In here you will find the most world famous DJ´s like DJ Tiesto etc.

If you haven´t got a idea where to go to at nighttime just let you leed by the props. Props are the boys and girl who work for the different bars and restaurants. You will find them during the day at the beaches and during the nighttime in the main strip with all the shops. They will advise you were to go an will give you a good deal ( free entrance or a free shot ). So just let the props leed you through the night.

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