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Public Transport

The public transport in Salou excist of the following possibilities: Train, Bus or Taxi. It depends a little bit on where you want to go and which time of the day it is to decite which is the best option.

The trains in Salou run from the train station in the old town of Salou. From here a train will bring you in about 1 hour and 15 minutes to Barcelona City. Going south from Salou then the train can bring you as far as Valencia. The prices of the train are quiet cheap for instance to Barcelona and back will be some 11 euros. Make sure to check the timetable because the trains stop on runnnig early at nighttime. Check the timetable at Renfe

The bus company who drives in Salou is Plana and they profite a regular service. To most used service is the bus from Tarragona to Cambrils and visa versa. This bus comes each 30 minutes in Salou and will follow the coast line. All the busses who stop on the coast site will go to the north in the direcion Tarragona. All busses who stop at the landsite drive south and will go to Cambrills. You can buy a busticket in the bus but if you want to save money you can buy a electronic busticket at the "Tabaco" shop. You have to buy the electronic card once for 2,50 euro and you can charge it with 10 trips for only 9,70 euro. You are allowed to use one card for several people. So using the card can save you money ( a singel busticket to Tarragona will cost 2,55 euro in the bus ).

Plana also has a bus service to Barcelona. Bus 21 brings you to the City of Barcelona and back for almost 20 euros. This is a little bit more expensive than the train but you have two advantages by going with the bus
1. The bus stops at all the regular busstops in Salou so you don´t have to go to the old town.
2. The busses continu driving from Barcelona to Salou untill almost 12 pm.
To check the timetables have a look at Plana or get a leaflet from one of the props from Plana who you will find near the busstops in Salou.

The last option for public transport is a taxi. On the streets of Salou you find the white taxi´s. If they drive by with a green light on the roof you can stop them because then they are free. Otherwise there are several taxi stops in Salou. If you are in a bar or a hotel you can ask the staff to call you a taxi. If you want to call one yourself the phonenumbers are: +34 977 38 50 50 or +34 977 38 50 90 ( there are 2 different companys in Salou. The prices of the taxis are reasonable. In Salou the most rides will be less then 10 euros. To the Reus Airport will be 30 euros. The taxis will ask a supplement for nighttime, lugage etc.

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